Kayak fishing for beginners

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Kayak fishing for beginners

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Reading this may save your life if you’re a Kayaker.
Runswick Bay was my first attempt at Kayak fishing, 26-10-18.
I paddled out until I considered I was far enough to deploy my Mackerel spinner from a 6ft rod behind my right elbow “Trolling”.
I was avoiding many hundreds of marker buoys all over the bay.
My Mackerel spinner caught on an unseen rope, my Kayak flipped over to the right on top of me, my right foot was trapped in the paddle lanyard on the far side of the Kayak, I was struggling to keep my face above water with nothing to hold on to, the hull is slippery.
Eventually I freed my foot, exhausted, I tried to turn the Kayak over, some considerable time had past by now, once I had turned it I attempted to get back aboard (many times).
Once I was aboard and rested awhile I attempted to turn for the shore, I couldn’t turn or paddle I realised the rod still in the holder was still stuck on a rope. Finding something to cut the line I was able to paddle for the shore, waves were quite big now, breaking over me from the left and pushing me towards rocks on the right and almost flipping me again. I eventually got passed the rocks.
I thought I had been paddling forever and getting nowhere because of the wind and waves but finally made it to the beach.
My paddle lanyard had been clipped to the right side of my seat strap. In hindsight, my lanyard was bound to wrap round my leg if I flip over. I had used those curly string ones that look line an old telephone receiver wire, spring loaded round my ankle.
My first trip very nearly cost me my life.
I really hope no one else makes this mistake.

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Re: Kayak fishing for beginners

Post by mrix »

Hello and thanks for making the effort to post which I am sure will help many others, I have seen a fair few Kayak fisherman local to me this year, its something I had thought about myself but the safety side of things did cross my mind.
I honestly dont think I would go out by myself as anything could happen, not only bad weather or some kind of freak accident which happened to you but something that springs to mind is being struck down with some kind of health issue.
Very glad your here well and able to tell the tale ::g

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Re: Kayak fishing for beginners

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Heard several similar stories I'm afraid and concluded that unless one know the waters well and is young fit and healthy, leave it out. Saw a young boy get into difficulties about four years ago in a tide race. Fortunately a passing power boat rescued him. He didn't even know about tide races or that where he was was subject to them.

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