Best bass bait?

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Best bass bait?

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what does everyone think the best bass bait is then?(non artificial)

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mackerel strips or sandeel live or frozen around my parts also ragworm, but other places may differ

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Imo i would definitely say livebait either sandeels or mackerel

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Post by AH »

All baits come into their own depending on venue, available food-source, seasons, weather and many more factors. For example live-baits such as Sandeel and Mackerel are in abundance throughout the summer and the Bass take advantage of this, therefore if you were fishing offshore reefs and banks in the summer you would use Mackerel and Sandeel. If you look at the current and past British Shore caught Bass records you will see that these have been taken from around piers and breakwaters and have fallen to large Squid baits. The age and size of these lunker Bass reduces them to scavenging and they exert as little energy as possible. So the chances are Big Mama Bass will take anything in it's territory.

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i would say crab is the better bait for bass it out strips mackerel any time
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Big fat fresh black lug dug from the beach you are fishing

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those juicy lug i dug today

i hope 8-> 8-> 8-> 8-> 8->

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