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Beach/Pier Fishing Dorset/Westbay

Posted: Wed May 30, 2012 11:00 am
by duckett100
Hi guys,

I'm heading down to the Westbay area in dorset next week and I was hoping to get a bit of beach/pier fishing in. Now I am a total beach fishing novice (i normally fish carp/pike/coarse) so am looking for some advice.

Firstly, could anyone offer some advice as to where to head around this area. And the types of rigs and baits to use. I take it this time of year it is mostly mackrel, dogfish and maybe bass??

I am taking my usual carp rod (which are 12ft 3lb tc, with big spool reels with 20lb braid) and a smaller 9ft 2 1/4lc tc rod for spinning. Would this outfit be ok??

Thanks in advance guys. Help would really be appreciated.