anything South West sea fishing related here
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Hi People

I'm moving to Dawlish and have got the sea right on my back gate, im from South Wales and have no idea what type of fishing to expect or what type of set up to use either.

The area im going to be fishing is just by the train track and seems rather steep and shingle/rock based? Am i right or wrong? What bait? Rig do you suggest??

Help please people!!

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Don't know much about fishing Dawlish reckon you'll just have to chuck a line in and sea what you get. Your not far from the teign estury there though and both the shaldon and teignmouth sides fish well. Live sandeels are sold from a hut on teignmouth beach if your looking for somewhere to get bait. simple running ledger on a rolling weight seems to be the general consenus for a rig. Hope that helps

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