Anywhere Fishing Well?

anything South West sea fishing related here
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Anywhere Fishing Well?

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I have a friend coming down from Humberside at the weekend and might take him fishing, is there anywhere fishing well at the moment in South Devon? (I even blanked at Berry head and the breakwater last week and was told it was much the same story at hopes nose) What about Bigbury or Ness/Shaldon worth trying a bit of spinning? He's coming quite a long way so if we do go it'd be good if we caught something even just a couple of Mackeral would be worthwhile. Suggestion?

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south devon

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hi diceman,i would give brixham breakwater ago there are some fish being caught there but only small stuff,or try one of the piers,apart from that it is quiet down that way,much the same everywhere at the mo.

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Hello mate,
Try Salcombe estuary they been pulling out some nice thornback rays I just come back from charity fishing quest so have been checking all the areas and salcombe was suggested to us but we was going other way by then.
I would give it a go always chance for a flounder as well.
Good luck wherever you decide mate.

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