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Post by George6500i »

going to perranporth camping on the 27th,

i think high tide is around midnight, does perranporth fish better at high tide or low tide?

how far would i need to cast to catch bass?
i was hoping to get some lugworm and sandeel for bait also.

any help would be appreciated

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Post by boynsie »

hi george i dont no much about that area but i would of fought high tide is best and as u say lug and sandeel will be fine i dont no of any tackle shops in that area but no dout there will be 1 try looking on google for the tackle shop it is a very productive spot fot bass a freind of mine has had 30 bass in one evening.
hope this helps
cheers boynsie

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Post by boansy »

Hi George,
Perranporth is a very good Bass storm beach, one of my fav......Use eel during the day just past the breakers or if there is a good swell on cast about 40 yrds into the surf. Rag or lug during darkness is best.

Ive just heard a report of 5 Bass coming off Hollywell .....which is just north of Perranporth a few nights ago but it has been pretty quiat down here for the past week, we have just had a good swell which kicks up alot of weed and can make presentation difficult but that should clear soon.

Have a word with The Bid Man ...give him a PM.....he is a good lad and knows the ground very well......has the tackle shop in Camborne and has great lug, rag and live or frozen eel and some fresh peeler most times......I do recomend him highly.....tell him your off the site and he will give the hot spots ....he is pretty bang on. B-)

3ft clipped or pully pennals, 2/0 or 3/0 sakuma manta or long shank kamasan aberdeens with a flurocarbon snood is perfect. ;)

Ive been down for 5 days and not had a sniff but thats what its like at the moment, all of a sudden they hit baits though......ive just been unlucky :((

Hope this helps ..PM me and will send you some mor info and the shops tel number

boansy :D

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