Budleigh 18/02

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Budleigh 18/02

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Last time i fished Budleigh the rod tips didn't stop rattling, but last night I fished from 9 til 12.30. didn't see or feel a touch at all. 3 hook flappers baited with combinations of sprat, mackerel and squid.
Rod 1 fished at about 60 yards the bait was never touched at all.
Rod 2 fished at 80-90 yards nearly every time the bottom two baits were chewed and the top one was missing completely or just a scrap of skin left. I suspect crabs but i didn't feel anything at all.
Still, blanking helps us appreciate the good times......does'nt it

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alrite mate ur not alone, budleigh is my local beach, 8
of us fished it last friday at steamer steps, 3 rocling, 1 whiting, 1 dab between all of us.

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