Pembrokeshire help needed!

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Pembrokeshire help needed!

Post by Submariner »

Hello people a newbie here!!

I will be coming down to Dale in early July for the first two weeks and plan to do some fishing with my father. Firstly, as someone who works at Victoria, London, I would like to say that I am sure you are aware that Pembrokeshire is the most beautiful place in the world and I have spent 2 weeks down there for each of the past 30 years and I just love the place.

Back to the fishing, the problem we suffer from is we never seem to catch anything at all (or even get a bite really). Over the years we have fished from Martin's Haven (off the Skomer launch quayside if there arent Divers around), the saltwater lagoon on the left hand side around 1.25 miles from the approach to Dale, the large bay area (the otherside of the sea wall by the Lagoon) and Dale beach. We generally ledger with either ragworm, lugworm, markeral or when we can crab. Occasionally we spin or use a float. Like I said we never really catch anything at all.

This year I intend coming armed with more information. It would be very greatly appreciated if users could give some brief local hotspot knowledge and also which bait, and techniques to use to maximise our chance of catching some fish. I understand that off the edge of Marloes penninsula which I understand is called the 'deer park' is a bit of a favorite but I would like some appreciation on end tackle / bait etc. If I recall correctly there is a harbour wall (with a rather overly robust ladder arrangement) at Stackpole which looks like an ideal place for Conger.

Your thoughts would be very greatly appreciated. Please don't include any advise for fishing from a boat as we usually use the services of Andy who operates the boat out of Dale. We will be staying in the cottages that were renovated around ten years ago just as you turn left about 5 miles outside dale, so anything within 25 miles from Dale would be good.

Many Thanks


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Post by whippet_72 »

I recently moved to the area and have started fishing but have only really stuck to a couple of nearby beaches being Newgale and Whitesands. I have caught Bass on both, had my PB at Whitesands last night, have a look at my post Whitesands Beach 24/06/11. As for Dale, not ventured down that way yet so cannot comment but plenty of different marks around this way to try. On the whole I would say the fishing is really good around here. Hope this helps?

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if you have a facebook account there is agroup on there called pembrokeshire sea angling club looking at the pictures it is a mixture of shore and boat fishing but it may prove useful.

Being from Haverfordwest originaly I have to agree that it is the most beautiful county in the worls :D

I have fished Dale quite a lot and had bass, eels, and flounder from the boulders near the lakes. I have never fiished the lakes. My dad still lives in H'west and has had bream from there too

St Brides Bay offers some great fishing but you're most likely to catch an irate scuba diver ~X(

Most of the beaches offer good sport - Newgale has been the source of our bass PBs

Neyland harbour is aslo worth a try but can be expensive on tackle

We have also had some reasonable sized school bass from the river in Haverfordwest itself

Am hoping to be down there next month so will be interested to see your posts

tight lines
Paul S

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