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Post by waverider14 »

Good morning all,
This is just a warning to anglers a friend of mine fished Abervon beach on saturday and his car was broken into smashing the back window and breaking the boot lock they took his century tornado tip rod with a 7ht mag reel..... X( X( X( X( X(
These were in the car while he walked to drop some kit off then return to gather the rest...the car had blacked out windows so they must of been watching him.
If anyone hears of someone selling the above items could they please PM me...
I would advise not parking there or not to leave any kit in the car..... X( X( X(
Thank you

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Post by celticcatch »

sorry to hear about that mate. would not suprise me in the slightest if it turns up in the cash generator shop in port talbot. I noticed they had quite a few rods for sale in there when I went and had a browse. i'm from swansea area so doubt i'll hear anything but i'll keep my ear to the ground

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Post by rabbi2 »

Its not the first time this hasa happened and I dont supose it will be the last. Its one of the unforunate fact of life and we must always remember that human nature being what it is scum always floats to the surface X(

Its well to remind members of the possibility of this type of thing happening to them.

I always whenever possible leave my car in a place that is busy with members of the public walking past frequently. Very rarely do I chose a spot that is quiet to park my car

Cheers keith :D :D

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Post by robc22 »

I hate thieves

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Post by broadis »

had my car broken into outside my house in gendros stole my rod and reel and my daughters set up so if you see anyone trying to sell shakespeare omni pier rod or a bright orange 6 foot rod please get in touch X(

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Post by mickyfinn007 »

I've got a fishing buddy down that way, I'll give him a call and get him to keep his eyes and ears to the ground.
If I catch them I'll break their legs.
All the best,
Regards Micky.

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Post by montydog »

waverider14 wrote:I would advise not parking there

sorry to hear. will keep ears open but was it car park at jackstones pier or far end at steps? if the steps then no suprise there but pier normally ok.

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