help needed in swansea for newbie

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help needed in swansea for newbie

Post by broadis »

Hi all - newbie here, started fishing/well being taught how to about 15 years ago but due to unforeseen circumstances i gave it up.
I am now having the itching feeling to go again - i have only been out the once so far down mumbles pier feathering for mackys (no luck though) and was just wondering if there is anybody out there who would like to take me under there wing on a few outings to teach me the basics. i am 32 and good for a laugh and also drive so will be more than willing to drive us there and pick up.

(starting to sound like a dating advert lol)

any help would be much appreciated

btw im in gendros

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Post by rabbi2 »

Sorry I cant help personally, not my area Im afraid

A warm welcome to the forum mate
cheers keith :D :D

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Post by manic_muppet »

Hi Lee, welcome to the site, not my area either, but someone will help out im sure. Cheers..Mick

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Post by swanseajack22 »

Hi Lee. I live in Mumbles and fish the pier quite regularly. I'm pretty limited in where, and in what conditions I can fish as I'm on crutches right now, but if you fancy another go at the pier when it's not raining or too windy, you're more than welcome to join up with me and my mates. I'm no expert at all, but I know enough to be able to get your rod into the water and hopefully into a few fish (don't hold me to that last point though :D ) I'll send you an IM when I know when I'm going next.


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Post by squeaky »

hi lee and welcome m8,there are loads of local anglers on this site to help u with anything u want to know i my self live in westcross and fish from my boat and from land around the mumbles and the gower so dont be affraid to ask questions m8,tightlines phil

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