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River bann and Barr mouth

Posted: Sun Oct 06, 2013 7:15 pm
by denny
River bann and Barr mouth
Been ill for a while now and have been unable to fish and started selling off my multiplier gear and buy fix spool gear for when I get better.
I have been able to get out with charlotte and Denise to walk the dogs down the Barr mouth and every time I go along the river see loads of sea trout jumping and mullet feeding on the weed, and had the enjoyment of a bass chasing sandeels back and forth right up to the waters edge, not caring we were there because of all the sandeels.
I have decided to buy so fly fishing gear and bring it with me now while the ladies take the dogs up the shore I sit and watch for mullet and today I was blessed with about 50 mullet sitting feeding away.
I got some bread and through it in and kneeled in the water and rested my bum in the water and let the mullet come right in near touching my rod tip. I cast my floating white bread fly and for 15mins watched the mullet nose my fly and keep swimming up towards my rod tip and turning when they saw me.
Well it wasn't long and charlotte and Denise can back laughing at me sitting in the water.
The mullet moved out because they could see them standing behind me but I cast a couple more times as far as I could and watched them coming back and then one came from underneath and swallowed the fly and I struck that hard my back went and nearly fell back in the water. Missed it.
Totally gutted and right now still kicking myself, but the thrill of those mullet, some being in double figures swimming up to me sitting in the water and nosing my fly was good enough.
I will be back to try again.