Circle hooks on rigs

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Post by celticcatch » Fri Dec 24, 2010 11:43 am

Ok..first of all..before I reply to you I want to know....tell me how exactly, is unhooking a deep hooked fish easier with a offset? And I can tell you right now with the utmost confidence that unhooking a deep hooked circle is near impossible, unless you want to rip/pull/whatever it out of the fish and severely damage or kill it. I cut the line without fiddling around with it.

I would suggest it be YOU who reads the post properly. Do you know the basic principles of a circle hook? Have you even tried circle hooks? Do you know what one looks like? Do offset hooks offer you 99% of the time a hook up in the scissors of the fishes mouth...? I don't want to sound like i'm taking the mickey out of you but..please..try it before you slate it. Offset hooks are just normal/traditonal hooks with a bent point....circles are a totally diffrent breed. Besides..anyone who bends(weakens) a hook so it's offset and then uses it must be mad..there are PLENTY of companys selling whatever type of hook you could possibly want so it baffles me why people don't just buy what they need! I didn't mean to cause any offence so I apologise if I did..

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Post by rabbi2 » Fri Dec 24, 2010 12:41 pm

I myself have never tried them although I do know what they look like and I know the theory behing the design.

I have always use a twizzle stick as it used to be called in the old days (but a penicil will suffice).

The idea being that the stick is inserted into the fishes mouth trapping the line against your thumb and the fish spun around very quickly.
Although this may sound crude it does work for almost all deeply hooked fish.

New idea's and tackle are to be encouraged, but lets not dispense out of hand with the old methods. You may be very pleasently suprised.
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Post by dontcatchmuch » Fri Dec 24, 2010 4:37 pm

hi celticcatch firstly no ofence taken after all part of this site is to be able to have condtuctive exchange of veiws and conversations .secondly on reading my reply to your post ithink i could have put it a bit differently all i ment was that i do find it easyer to unhook offset hooks so why shouldent others and belive it or not yes i do know the difference between the two types of hooki ,dont ask why i havent got a clue why i find it easyer to unhook offset other than it can only be the way each indevidual holds the fish and forceps etc .i also cut the line if it is proveing to hard to unhook a to the reason i offset my own hook its simple i have yet to find an offset hook that is sold that has the same amount of offset i put on to my hooks .plus it works out a lot cheeper as i by my hooks by the hundread .i just supose its the same reasoning that most of us make our own rigs up they suit ones own stile of fishing and it works out better for the pocket .
doto no offence ment .have a good xmas and new year fella

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