Dave Docwra Uni System

Only for the discussion of Terminal Tackle ie: Links, crimps, Swivels, clips, weights and so on.
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Dave Docwra Uni System

Post by SeaTurtle »

Going back about 6 / 7 years this stuff was all the rage .......

........... whatever happened to it ?


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Post by rabbi2 »

Another item that seems to have fallen by the wayside is the Breakaway Cannon as they seemed to be popular but I don't see many using them.

Possibly due to the fact that they had to be whipped on the rod to make them secure, but a good bit of tackle nevertheless.
keith :D :D

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Post by storm1fishing »

Hi Rabbi

I think with the breakaway cannon that it was never promoted properly.

I just happened to stumble across one by chance , and because I'm a multiplier user , I struggled to cast a heavy weight with a fixed spool ( cut finger from line slipping ) , I thought I'd give one a go.
Because I was'nt that sure that it would work , I just secured it with some insulation tape , And three years later it's still there , never any problems.

I'm sure that if it was promoted at outdoor / fishing fairs and more vigourously in more media , you'd see one on every fixed spool rod.

Just my penny's worth :D :D

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Post by oggy_chomper »

I think that I too will be purchasing a cannon seems like a good idea, mind you I've got so much scar tissue on my finger from casting over the years it doesn't really catch anymore plus the fact the areas where i generally fish only require a flick with which to get amongst the fish.
Here Keith being as though you have been fishing for a year or two now and have seen various innovations come and go have you come accross anything which on the face of it seems to be the dogs but when bought turned out to be designed to catch the angler not the fish?

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Post by bucko »

Dave Docwra sports were finished off by the inland revenue about 9 years ago, cant be exact with the date though. It was a sad day for the sport when the company was wound up as Dave always gave great advice and was always ready to help anyone.

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