Having trouble finding 12 inch wire booms (not french booms)

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Having trouble finding 12 inch wire booms (not french booms)

Post by folky »

Ok im having trouble finding 12 inch wire booms (not french booms)
Cant find them for love nor money so im just wondering if anyone else has seen or knows any shops in the kent area that have them, or maybe someone can make them?

Thx in advance for any replys :D

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Post by stroodsue »

hiya folky!

dont know for sure but if you have a look on the South east forum at the top there is a sticky "tackle shops"

maybe if you give them a ring you might get some luck!

hope this helps



Post by wijonty »

try the ebay plenty on there mate

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Post by rabbi2 »

Gerry's of Morecambe.
Cheers keith :D :D :D

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Post by andy07 »

i was havin the same problem now that the local tackle shop has been bought over, the new owner says that there is never reali a demand for them now but he is defo wrong cuz i kno plenty of pple hu use them :)

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Post by bucko »

Gemini make them, try Veals or Gerry's also any shops selling gemini tackle should be able to get you some or you can order direct from gemini yourself. :D

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