Discussion of sea fishing rigs, clip down, wishbone, up and over, flapper and long distance rigs.
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hi wat rig would you recommened for a good rig to use for beach fishing
cheers :-/

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Post by rabbi2 »

There are so many and each person has his or her favourite, but for a flat sandy beach I would start off with something like a wishbone rig or a one up and one down (1 hook above the weight and 1 hook below the weight.

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A pulley rig is good , keeps the lead off the groud on retrieval if you are bringing a fish in.

Check out the rigs section under Resources on the left.
If you are a beginner keep the rigs simple to start with.

Tight lines


Post by hussy »

Yep a pulley rig or a 2 hook clip down distance rig. :)

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Post by shannock »

me too

pulley all the time with the pennel set up (2 hooks on the same snood/hooklength

now you r confused :D :D :D i was as only just started up again after 25 yrs

also a two hook clipped down not only for distance but to get the bait out there safely

a wishbone is good if you are after flatties you can offer two baits near each other to make the scent trail bigger i have had 2 flatties at once quite often

good luck

cheers steve

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