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rods and reels

Posted: Wed Feb 13, 2008 12:39 pm
by yiddal72
can any1 recomend a decent mid range fs reel and rod for shore fishing? mine have nearly had there day... :((

Posted: Wed Feb 13, 2008 12:46 pm
by thebigbassman

Posted: Wed Feb 13, 2008 7:04 pm
by yiddal72
cheers bbm i look em up on the web :D

Posted: Wed Feb 13, 2008 11:48 pm
by crazy-dude ... m153.l1262

Check this deal out.
Reliable seller on ebay.
Has sold me some quality bits and bobs in the past


Posted: Thu Feb 14, 2008 10:59 am
by thebigbassman
i've had stuff off him very good and so is that deal

Posted: Thu Feb 14, 2008 2:25 pm
by eccles
Must say that is an incredible deal for a beginner but have a look at what Reelsndeals are offering for mid-range stuff. Also Tacklebargains but dont get their chieftain rod, it's a bit too soft at the tip for decent casting. Both these outfits are on the 'net. Also agree with BBM re the mid range Okuma reels but not their cheapies - look for those with at least 3 ball bearings.