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From a very non expert opinion here Peak, the rod looks ok but would think its rung for a multiplyer, having said that the reel seat is ajustable so you may just get away with it.
The other problem I have is the 18" reducer, I just wonder how long it will take to loose by leaving it behind on a beach? :)

The reel looks ok, at that price you can afford to have it only last a season before having to renew it.

I did notice the Shimano Navi 7000 XSA, FS, but at 61 quid is more than what I assume you are looking to pay.

I still think you should sell your pond gear! :lol: :lol:


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Peakoverload wrote:Well I'm gonna aim to keep things in the "cheap, but not so cheap you'll regret it" budget :wink:

Would appreciate opinions on the following:

http://www.tackleuk.co.uk/leeda-piranha ... -2258.html

Is there an reason why I couldn't just use one of my baitrunner reels? I mean, what is the difference between a sea reel and a course reel other than the depth of the spool? If the answer is yes would you use the baitrunner facility or would you disengage it?
If the answer is no, what about:
http://www.tackleuk.co.uk/okuma-mistiqu ... -3138.html

If you wanted to "dip your toe in the water" first you could use a carp rod and your baitrunner for spinning no problem...they are much better than most of the proper spinning kit about. If you have a carp rod capable of casting 2oz you could also bottom fish on the light tides no problem. I have a spod which will cast a fair distance and I use for feathering and fishing very light for Bass....just make sure you wash them all down when your done as the salt water kills em.

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