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ScreamingReels wrote:
blakdog wrote:Okay mate, will probably be the bank holiday w/end or the following one, depending on tides, chores, wife moaning etc....if you can't make one day we'll find another that suits.


the wife moaning :?:

That's outrageous :!:

Are you sure you can find the time :?:
I'm sure I can fit the wife in sometime this month :lol:


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Good effort :!:


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ScreamingReels wrote:Good effort :!:
Strangely enough thats exactly what she normally says :lol:

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Just to get back to the original post: I do not use a multiplier reel, except for boat fishing but can chuck out well over 100 yds using "off the ground" technique and a decent size Okuma fixed spool reel (£30). As far as rods go, there is also the Shakespeare Salt Beach which can be had for £50 if you search around and the Fox Impressa which some guy was selling on ebay for £30 recently (very good value for a beginner). I personally don't believe in these wacking great rods which some folk use - why should I if I can do 120 yds + with a 12 - 13 ft rod which is far easier to manage.

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Thanks, Black Dog, eccles, stuartdv, Screeming Reels, there is a wealth of info which I will take on board much appreiciated.

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