Tinned squid/ mussels

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Tinned squid/ mussels

Post by ade_j »

For some peculiar reason some friends of mine brought me back one can of squid and one of mussels from a recent trip to Spain. I don't particularly fancy eating them, so might these work as bait? I have no idea what times of year are good for using these baits when they're fresh from my local beaches in East Devon- thought I may as well increase my chances by opening the tins at the correct time, so advice would be appreciated.


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Post by shannock »

firstly are they raw or cooked ?
what are they stored in own juices or oil etc

if raw use the mussels for flatties an excellent bait but you will need to use bait elastic

squid any fish will take them i guess they are prepared and sliced
so just put on the hook if casting a distance , use elastic as they may slip down the hook and cover the point

if you have no luck i guess the crabs wil enjoy them
good luck


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They would have most probably have been cooked and therefore will be usless for fishing. keith :( :( :(

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