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jeez i pay £16 a pound for rag and lug mind you it is the best bait i have bought from round here so i aint complaining


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£13 for a pound of rag or lug in withernsea


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I think the best way to look at bait prices is to think about how much time and effort you would expend getting it yourself. Most people are not lucky enough to live near a good worm bed so you could probably allow an average of 1 hours travelling for most people (plus the obvious cost of petrol) then probably about an hour (at least I'd say for non-pro's) to dig a pound of worm. Thats already 2 hours and some fuel costs. If you dig a couple of days before you fish you'll lose a few worms and will at the least have to change the paper their kept in each day...say another half an hour in total. Add this up ie 2.5 hours at minimum wage (with some petrol cost) and suddenly £13 to £16 doesn't seem unreasonable, especially as you don't risk hurting your back.

As a professional I lost count of how many people winged about the price and decided to dig it theirselves.....most of them started ordering their bait again, the week after their first attempt. I've yet to see a rich bait-digger. That being said I do think it's a rip off when the stuff is half-dead.

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