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Cleethorpes beach tonight

Posted: Thu Jul 29, 2010 3:36 pm
by gynewguy
Off to Cleethorpes beach tonight hoping for a few Bass. Will post a report.


Posted: Thu Jul 29, 2010 9:43 pm
by gynewguy
As promised, heres my report.

BLANK :(( :((

Could'nt get any live Rag (my fave bait) so used frozen black Lug, Peeler, and Squid................not so much as a nibble! Fished 2 hrs of the flood and 2 of the ebb.
Had a chat with 2 guys who went out in the Humber this evening and had 10 Smoothies! Nice to see someone did well I guess.


Posted: Thu Jul 29, 2010 9:53 pm
by rabbi2
Keep trying Si mate, your turn will come.
keith :D :D