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Post by geordiesandman »

can ragworm be frozen?? if so, how?

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Post by jacko69 »

I once tried freezing some but when thawed out they turned to a nasty mush and when i told a mate of mine who sells bait he took the wee wee out of me and he recons you cant freeze them although someone on here will say you can but i will go with my bait mateand say no

Dave :D


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hi geordie
not sure abouit freezing them but i do salt and then oil mine if i have them left over
get a old ice cream tub put 10mm of table salt in then a layer of worm about 20mm apart and then cover with 10mm of salt and just continue till full if you have anough worm leave for 3 days and then take out and shake of any loose salt
put worms in another container with lid and cover with veg oil or squid / makie or crab oil and leave untill you need them this also works for common lug hope this is of help

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