Discussion of Sea fishing bait, Mackerel, Ragworm, Squid, Hermit Crab, Lugworm bait.
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Post by geordiesandman »

has anyone used sprats as bait? are they any good. i ask as i found packs of uncooked whole sprats, about a dozen per pack for 50p in morrisons, might they be good put whole on a pennel pulley??

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Post by rabbi2 »

I would be inclined to use them on boat fishing, but if shore fishing I would think bait elatstic would be needed.
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Post by Seasurfer »

Strips of sprat are supposed to be good for large dabs, although you do need lots of elastic to keep them on the hook. Unfortunetly, peak time for dabs has been and gone (february being the last month for a chance), and most of them have gone out to spawn. Might be worth buying some though, and freeze them as a reserve bait.

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Post by Clarissa »

Use a D-Vice for good presentation.

I've never done much good on them, but tipping lug or rag should work.


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Post by stinky_wiem »

I sometimes use them, normally combined with either prawn or squid. You will need to use bait elastic though.
I've had codling and bass on them, so at 50p a pack they're sometimes worth a try.

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