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Hardbacks are very different from peeler as the enzymes and pheremones they give off during and after peeling are the trigger for the predatory fish looking for them, to such a point that the predators totally focus there feeding exclusivly This is bad news for the crabs but a fantastic biological trate that many experianced anglers have picked up on.

The best peelers to use are indeed the females that have moulted and are protected by harder males as there pheremone deters other crabs from praying on the soft females due to a mating enzyme that males and fish find very attractive in two different ways. Usually happens about 3 weeks after the first main male moult of shore crab.

Good luck with bringng some on early.....might try this myself at some point.

Boansy :D

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Hi Boansy, i think you missed the post ;) you put a new post on instead of reply, i might be mistaken but it looks like a reply to the post about making crabs moult early. Cheers..Mick

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Hello Andy, good to see that your back on the site mate.
We will be after the smuts when the run starts again, hope to see you there. Dont worry about peelers though, I will have a new source. :D :D :D

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