bait pumps

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bait pumps

Post by seatrout »

hello everyone whats the best bait pump to buy and are they worth the money.i have a bad back so i cant dig bait, i dont see anybody in ireland using them.

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Post by rabbi2 »

The majority of members use the wide bore pumps, there is a knack to using them. To be perfectly honest I have tried to use one but cannot master the art. Therefore I will continue to use a wide tined fork for my digging even with arthritis of the spine at least I do end up with some worms. lol
keith :D :D

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Post by manic_muppet »

I agree with keith, i went out with a baitdigger and gave it a go for a few hours, i ended up with 3 worms. There is a knack to it, and its best if someone shows you or at least has diagrams to go with the explanation. You say no one uses them where you are, so you cant get someone to show you. have you looked on the net for a video, youtube or similar. Cheers...Mick

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Post by bucko »

If you have back problems go for the small bore pump, as it is a lot less stressful. Also use a small drop of cooking oil to lubricate the pump.
As for method, some put the pump over the cast and some put it at the side and agle the pump towards it, I suggest that if you do get a pump, try both ways and see what is best for YOU. When you draw the pump try to do it in a steady movement and dont let the pump sink too far into the sand as you will push it past the worms if you do.

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