Suicidal Whiting.........

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Suicidal Whiting.........

Post by essexkenny »

Being as that nearly every time I have been out You have to hope that the whiting leave the bait alone long enough for a cod to find it, and that I havent had a particularly good "Cod campaign" so to speak with only a few to count so far, Would it be any good using the whiting as bait, as can fillet them there and then and at least they would be fresh???????????

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Post by rabbi2 »

Whiting make a good bait from a boat, but not to sure from the shore. Yu can always give it a try.

Whiting will also take whiting baits.
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Post by wilky »

Theres a couple of pages about using whiting as live bait for cod in sea angler mag, always worth a try on a 3rd rod mr bass might even find it :)

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Post by redmouse »

set up a pennel rig with a little bit of bait on the smaller hook. hopefully the little whiting will take that and something bigger will take the whiting and get hooked on the bigger hook.

ive tried it a few times but got nothing. heard about good catches from others doing it tho.

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Post by robc22 »

I have caught cod on small live whiting but it was from a boat......I think good presentation from the beach would be much harder to do.

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Post by andy1_i »

i think its just about doable from the shore,sometimes the cod come quite close in around these parts -60yrds,i sometimes fish around groynes (careful!!) can be a good spot to hit a codling on a whiting.


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