Discussion of Sea fishing bait, Mackerel, Ragworm, Squid, Hermit Crab, Lugworm bait.
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Post by celticcatch »

I recently tried to collect some razor with what I thought was concentrated salt water and the buggers just would not come out to play. Can anyone give me a mixture ration or prehaps I should just take a tub of salt and add to some sea water for added effect.

Also... how do people go about baiting up limpets,periwinkles, mussels? Is there any way to remove periwinkles from their shell without crushing it? Would like to put them back in for other species to re-inhabit the shell if possible (ie small hermits).

Thanks B-)

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Post by andy1_i »

with razorfish/clams, i think you just pour the salt into the hole with a nozzled water needed.

have you tried using a pin for the periwinkles?or gentle warming the shells like you do with hermit crabs,these are only ideas celtic,that may help.good luck chap


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Post by rabbi2 »

For mussels use bait elastic. One way is to put them on a baiting needle then fasten them with bait elastic and the cut them to size as you bait yor hook.

A killer bait for flatties.
Cheers keith :D :D

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Post by alien »

Are you sure they were razor clam holes? They are normaly only exposed on the lowest tides of the month around the new moon. You can see them squirting water out of their holes 2-3 feet into the air, pour salt into the hole and they will rise to the surface. The hole looks just like a keyhole.

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