Discussion of Sea fishing bait, Mackerel, Ragworm, Squid, Hermit Crab, Lugworm bait.
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Post by bluto »

Hi everyone, has anyone tried barnacles for bait? You know the conical shell things that cling to rocks.
Bluto :-/


Post by cuckoo »

Tried them once mate , then the drugs wore off :D :D :D

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Post by robc22 »

eerrr........not really :)

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Post by rabbi2 »

Not to sure what species would go for them as its not a natural bait for most fish. I supose they could possibly work for Wrasse as they have teeth that could cope with them.
Cheers keith :D :D


Post by joliroger »

No................................................what are they like ????

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Post by sniggle »

I think you mean limpets , yes i have tried them several times but never had a bite on them. They are meant to be ok for wrasse and i expect bream would take them . Just not on my hook. :D

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Post by alien »

I caught a limpet once ha ha, I was fishing off a pier when my hook got snagged on one of the pier supports, it suddenly came free with a quite large limpet attached minus its shell. I had to ask other fishermen what it was because I was puzzled about what it was.

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