Soft Lures

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Soft Lures

Post by SouthernDave »

Hi! I am a newbie here and a returner to sea fishing (see other posts) and have loads of stupid questions, sorry!

I have been looking in marvel at some of the new techniques and gear and one that has caught my eye are the new very realistic soft / jelly lures and the like and that Gulp! product. Do these work? Can the be fished with a beach-caster and a fixed spool from the shore?

I don't mind using live bait or frozen (not tried the latter before), but most of my fishing is going to be done at very short notice because of the nature of my work and my 'free' time, so lures seem ideal for short sessions at even shorter notice if I can understand them a bit better.

Any tips, experience or advice and do they actually work?

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Post by redmouse »

i havent tried them personally but ive read reports on them where people think their rubbish and others love them.
i wouldnt fancy them as a static bait on the bottom but meant to be ok for spinning with.

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Post by rabbi2 »

They would be more suitable used from a boat in deep water as they are ment to move realisticly with the tide, but I wouldn't use them myself from the shore.
Cheers keith :D

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Post by robc22 »

gulp baits work as a sight lure but as a scent bait i think they are useless

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