portable live bait bucket

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portable live bait bucket

Post by hoops76 »

ive just purchased one with an air pump.
this might sound like a stupid question,
do i need sea water for the sandeels or will tap water be ok?
how long will the eels stay alive in a bait bucket?
could i keep live prawns/shrimp in it?

thanks for any help
john :)

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Post by timoz »

hi i dont keep sandeels but i quess you have to use sea water as this is what they live in and are used to. i dunno how long they would stay alive but im pritty sure you could keep shrimps and prawns in there as it is airiated sea water much to what they are used to in the sea.
hope i could help.


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Post by bucko »

Deffo sea water, and use an ice pack to keep the water cold.
A small pop bottle filled with water and frozen will do.

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Post by jacko69 »

as bucko says sea water change it evey hour and put in a small bottle of frozen water

Dave :D

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