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swimmer crab and other queries

Posted: Fri Dec 19, 2008 3:14 pm
by fishhunter
Going out on monday and i bought some swimmer crab as shop had no peelers left will these be any good for tipping a frozen lug bait ....i also have some squid and bought some whiting strips are these whiting strips any good for tipping of a cocktail or should i use the whole strip (they are about 4" by 1.5").

Also what type of rigs should i be using to fish these baits? I will either be fishing a rocky mark or of a breakwater and i have 2 hook flappers and pulley and pulley/pennel rigs.

While i am out i was going to try a few casts on a light spinning rod with a 2oz weight and a firetail or other jellyworms on a 6 foot trace using 30lb memorex. :-/

Am i in the right ball park with this or am i playing a different game altogether?

All help and advice is always appreciated

Merry xmas and tight lines to all from Fishhunter