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hi ppl i was just wondering how to hook lugworm so they stay on the hook evry time i reel it in i have nothing on there and how long should i leave it in the water for

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Sounds like crabs are having a go at your bait, use 1s or 1/0 hooks and thread the worm up past the eye of the hook and bring the point out towards the end of the worm. I tend to check my bait every 12 to 20 min. Hope this helps. keith

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You should hook the lug all the way up through the middle, pushing it up the line, and tip with a small piece of squid just below the hook barb.
I'd leave a bait for max 1/2 hour before changing but you can tell when bait is washed out and has lost most of it's scent/juices quite easily just by it's appearance.

Demo of how to do this using a baiting needle is on the link below. ... R=EPI-2585

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Post by eccles »

Tend to agree with rabbi2, I would expect to see at least some remnant of the worm left when reeling in after say 20 mins but, if there are a lot of little crabs around they will strip the hook clean. The solution is an anti-crab rig and there are two versions which I have used: The first involves the use of a small bubble float to lift the snood and worm off the sea-floor and the second which I use with my two hook clipped down rig involves a small piece of shaped cork on the snood about 2 inches back from the hook. The latter trick has the same effect of course, i.e., the worm and hook end up around at least 9 inches above the sea bed so only the world record high jumpers among the crabs can reach it.

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