Best Bait for Bass

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Best Bait for Bass

Post by cookiemonster »

Hi all. Please can you tell me what the best bait for catching Bass as I am really desperate to catch my first ever Bass. Please feel free to metion thr rig(s) to use as well.....Colin :-/


Post by shorty »

free lined [no weights] sandeels ,mack [joey] and fresh peelers and hermit crabs :D


Post by dazzaman »

Hi colin
Varies coast to coast,lug,rag,lug tipped with squid,whole squid,peelers,razorfish,blueys,sandeel(live or dead)mackeral.......
As for rigs,pulleys,running ledgers,pennels,flappers.......
I believe if the fish are there and feeding they will take the bait :D
Try different things at different venues,find what works best for you >:D<
Hope this helps,Darren B-) B-)


Post by cookiemonster »

Thanks Darren will do.Next out Fri evening so will give it a go then.....Colin

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Post by shannock »

i know a guy who had 6 bass sunday morning

not gonna say where but they were all on lug (to many netters reading this )

all the bass i have had (only about a dozen all smallish under 2lbs )they also were on lug

for bigger fish its better to use a pennel rig (2 hooks on the same snood for bigger baits)

just remember a bigger fish will be more interested in a big bait but you can still catch a 10lber on a single lug

it a case of getting to a spot were there are some bass and keep tryin

it will happen
cheers steve

cheers steve

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Post by kirkhamlfc »

do the bass stay out during the winter ? would mine targeting them one evening


Post by cookiemonster »

It depends where you are m8. I know here in Plymouth we have a good chance of catching them all year round

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Post by se28 »

Caught a Bass in the thames, thamesmead area with lug sunday.

About 30 cm

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Post by Geggy_poos »

slip a limpet is a great bass bait after rough see or a storm! :D :D


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Post by honitonblanker »

I tend to use whole mackral on a penell rig and cast only 10-20 yards out as they feed close in. Small bass will take large bait but you have a good chance of hooking somthing decent if you go big.

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Post by chrisandboys »

se28 wrote:Caught a Bass in the thames, thamesmead area with lug sunday.

About 30 cm
I lived next to the Thames in Woolwich Dockyard about 8 years ago., where a 7 year old girl caught a 6lb bass on her first ever fishing trip using chicken breast as bait. The place was packed for a few weeks after that (with everyone using chicken breast) but I don't think that any more were caught.

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Post by 4CodsSake »

I find the best bait Lug worm, even better if you can use freshly dug from the beach you are fishing from.
As for rigs they vary but if the fish are feeding they will take on most rigs.


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