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Braid & Shock Leader ?

Posted: Wed Aug 24, 2011 9:27 pm
by sparkyman
Hi all,

Back again for more guidance. Just started fishing a 6000 size fixed spool with 30lb braid and a 15-65lb leader. Works very well, being getting nice distance with little effort (& bare finger) with an 11'6" bass rod + 4Oz..... AND catching fish too! The double grinner knot does rattle through the rings quite a bit. The knot area will also , no doubt, be the weak link. If I get snagged I guess the 30lb braid/15lb mono junction will let go first.

I plan to do a bit of spinning off the rocks this weekend - 10' 1-3Oz rod with a 5000 size fixed spool, using the same 30lb braid. I thought about fishing a leader to give me a some abrasion resistance at the end of the mainline and also to save my casting forefinger from getting sliced open ! Giving the 3Oz limitation of the rod, the 15/65lb leader is not really required. So I thought about using lighter carp leaders - found 12/30lb, 12/35lb & 15/45lb.

Does a 30lb braid/12lb mono knot seem a bit weak? - liable to get snagged now and again off rocky marks. Also, been Thinking about a 30lb braid/15lb mono knot passing through the much smaller rings of the 10' rod, given the noticeable rattle with the large rod/rings ?

The 30lb braid , with no leader, should allow me to heave into a 3Oz lead, but I'm certain my forefinger wont take it without a finger stall.

Wondering what's the best set-up to adopt ? Any comments?


Posted: Thu Aug 25, 2011 7:47 pm
by redmouse
if your going spinning then you dont need to be casting 3oz. heavy spinners are usually just 60g max, most are lighter. also, you wont be putting huge pressure on the line with spinners so a leader isnt a neccesity, just a preferance

if you use a good quality fluro line it will have better abrasion resistance to mono meaning you can use a slightly lighter breaking strain.

another thing is to tie on just enough mono/fluro to compensate for your drop, with the knot outside the top ring, then you dont need to worry about it going thru the rings. i wouldnt worry about the fingers, not unless you were casting big weights and aiming for distance on a beach rod.

good luck.

Posted: Thu Aug 25, 2011 10:56 pm
by sparkyman
Hi redmouse,

...I've had a lot of success with mackerel on feathers/shrimps, reaching them in deep water with 3Oz...whilst others around me have not been fishing at the same distance and have had nothing at all.

I think the biggest dexters I have are only 42g.....which I'm able to chuck around 90m with a 240M Bushwacker and a 4000 fixed spool - no problems with 20lb braid and fingers. For this set-up I use a 20lb Fluro leader of around 3' which, like you say, keeps the knot outside the tip each cast.

If you think my forefinger won't suffer with 2 or even 3Oz and 30lb braid, then a short fluro leader is probably what I'll try first. Like I said, biggest weight I've cast with braid is 42g, albeit with a shorter rod - didn't want to try out a longer rod/heavier weight and discover out the hard way, first cast !

I'll try it out this weekend hopefully - thanks for the guidance, just what I needed - hadn't thought of that option !

Posted: Fri Aug 26, 2011 6:24 am
by flattiefanatic
As as said if using light weights for spinning i would not bother with a shockleader ;)