okuma magnetix

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okuma magnetix

Post by boynsie »

hi all i am thinking of getting an okuma magnetix but i am not sure wich one to go for i am thinking of geting the 20 but have heard thit it doesn't hold enough line so am now thinking of getting the 30 but will this be too big for beach fishing? any help would be much apreciated.

cheers boynsie.



Post by codfather911 »

get a penn 525 lol best reels in on the market in my opinion lol :D
codfather B-)

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Post by jasoncasper »

i have an okuma mag 20 came with level wind as i was new to multi's it suited me or so i thought your right it doesnt hold much line and the level wind just slows it down quite a bit so i have removed it but i have a penn 525
now and the okuma is just a backup reel so depending on ur budget id go for size 30 okuma or something else or bit more money the 525

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Post by Fozzy »

You would be better off getting a standard 7HT.

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Post by pompeyjohn »

I use the Okuma Magnetex 30 reels i own 2 of tehm i use them on Century Supasport rods.

The 30 r great reels for the price. I cast happily with them and they work excellently.

If u r buying the Okuma reels definetly get the 30's they r great.

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