Surfmaster 850

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yea man i dus bought this reel 2day and i wish i hada read this aswell f**k sake lol

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I have Fulmar lever drags 2 of and also I have got Ugly Stick rods 4 of them in various classes, all have proved their worth. Going back to the original post, retailers know the reputation of the penn 850 and yet they continue to stock it and sell it to the uninitiated knowing full well that its crap that they are selling instead of returning it to the manufacturers.
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About two years ago I was looking for a pair of FS reels for big pit work and which would also serve on my beachcasters-I settled for the Daiwa "Opus 5500"-so far they have given good service with no signs of corosion or mechanical problems,hope this helps,Mick :)

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