Penn Powerstix Pro 11 ft 6 for mackerel?

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Penn Powerstix Pro 11 ft 6 for mackerel?

Post by GeordieAP »

I fished Folkstone pier yesterday for mackerel, I caught one whilst everyone else was catching bag fulls! Now I know you should never blame your tools, but the difference was I was using a 9' spinning rod and lure whilst everyone else had massive rods throwing feathers out for miles.

I actually change to feathers and a 2oz weight to catch my one mackerel, with this setup I was stripping my reel of line, still not getting anywhere near as far as everyone else!

I originally bought this small rod and reel for travelling, it's light weight kit and I have had some fun catching the odd mackerel, but I'm after something that will allow me to get a bit further out.

I've been looking at the Penn Powerstix range, there seem to be some really good deals that match them up with Penn Captiva II reels. I'm thinking of getting the 11ft 6 Pro bass rod, with the Penn Captiva II 6000 Reel using 14lb line. However this is rated for 2oz to 4oz weights, I'm still keen to be able to use the rod for 1oz lures as well as heavier feather setups, I'm struggling to understand what the downside to fishing with a 1oz lure on a rod rated for 2oz, can anyone explain? Any general thoughts on whether or not this is a good setup for mackerel fishing? I'm also considering having a go for bass, not something I've tried before having lived in the north east most of my life, but now I'm down south I might give it a go.

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Post by Iknowagoodplaice »

A bass rod will get you more distance, though a stiffish spinning rod (3oz casting weight, say) can still get a fair way. All depends on how far out the mackerel are.

But a bass rod is not much use for 1oz weights - too stiff. It would be like the proverbial broom handle with that casting weight. 3 to 4oz is a satisfactory load for most bass rods.


Post by joliroger »

Whenever iv'e fished Folkstone Pier iv'e used a set up similar to the one you describe i.e 'spinning rod & lure as opposed to 'Feather' and always had great success on the retrieve whithin 10 foot of the base of the Pier wall, cast out as per normal and right at the base the larger fish are taken.


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