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I need some bait

Posted: Sun May 04, 2008 7:55 pm
by BillyFish
Hi All, can any one help me please. I'm hoping to go fishing tomorrow, where i don't know! Is there any tackle shops open or does anyone know where i can get some bait without digging for it myself.

Posted: Sun May 04, 2008 8:28 pm
by MadKev
Poingdestres in Southampton should be open in the morning, but you haven't said where you are mate. Could be a bit of a drive if you're in South Shields.

On holiday abroad, at worst I've gone to the shoreline or rocks with knife or pliers, prized off some crustaceans, smashed them open and used them until I caught, then used bits of what I caught (start with the guts, they're just so scrummy - and full of natural goodness). Any shell-like thingy with a soft centre will do for starters.

Failing that, Tesco have fresh mackerel (many species take this) either on the fish counter or in packets in the fridge section, sometimes raw prawns (for bass) and raw mussel (pout, pollack, cod family). Tinned mackerel in sauce works after a fashion, you'll need bait elastic though. Food-grade calamari (bream, pout, dogs, flatties) from the freezer section is good, but its chopped into circles. Check on the packet of anything to make sure it hasn't been pre-cooked, so kippers are off your list.

Smoothhounds arrived with you yet? Bacon takes hardback crabs, smoothies eat smashed hardbacks lashed onto the hook. Stamp on it then put the hook through a leg-hole.

Tinfoil takes mackerel and small bass, work it like feathers.

If you ain't got a 24-hour Tesco nearby, you must really be in the wilds so nip out now, set a snare, check it in the morning: most fish will take the trachea, stomach, intestines and brain of small mammals. A fish-hook on a three foot snood, tied to a brick and baited with bread, will take and drown wildfowl in still water, their organs work as bait.

Other than that, I can't really think of anything off-hand, sorry. MK

PS Whole baby kittens for conger? It's only a thought.

Posted: Sun May 04, 2008 9:44 pm
by MadKev
Had another thought - a tiny sliver of flesh from the soft inner part of your thigh will soon heal, especially if you cut it slightly narrower than your plasters.

Serious business, this fishing

Posted: Sun May 04, 2008 9:46 pm
by GaryBadd
is now 100% sure why you put mad infront of kev >:) >:)

Posted: Sun May 04, 2008 9:51 pm
by MadKev
And if you live near Gazza and me, there's plenty of crack addicts in the red light area who will sell you a finger. Might have to wait ten minutes for them to get it, and it might not be theirs, but needs must eh?

I trust all this is helping?

Posted: Sun May 04, 2008 9:53 pm
by GaryBadd
lol kev well im millbrook here so you must be near st marys for the red light area

Posted: Sun May 04, 2008 10:06 pm
by MadKev
Billy? Billy? Are you still there?

Must've been something I said. I didn't mean it about the kittens mate, honest.

Posted: Mon May 05, 2008 10:18 am
by BillyFish

Posted: Mon May 05, 2008 10:38 am
by stuartdv
If you fish the Essex coast Porters in Colchester is open till 12.30 every Sunday except if its Xmas day.

Metcalfes in Walton on Naze is also open on Sunday morning

best to order in advance from both

Posted: Mon May 05, 2008 11:14 am
by BillyFish
Thank for that, what time do they open? I was down that way 3 - 4 weeks ago I was thinking about fishing passed sunny point. do you know if its any good.

Posted: Mon May 05, 2008 3:49 pm
by stuartdv
Porters opens at 7am- not sure about Metcalfes- best ring and check - the other thing with metcalfes is make sure you tell them you're definitely coming because i nearly got caught out - said they were open till 12 so i ordered - but they were just about to shut up at 11am because the shop was quiet.

don't know Sunny Point mate- where's that?