cod from orford - any tips?

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cod from orford - any tips?

Post by keepsdreaming »

i see on another forum that orford did a 25lber last night as well as a 6, 9, 12.

it seems the big cod are there - i am going to do a trip there this week, any hints or tips for where to fish or tactics? long/short range (bearing in mind i can ony cast 80 yards....!)

bait? will whole squid on pennels be ok? do i need heavier leads than 6oz?

is there any special tackle requirements? will i loose lots of gear?

is night or day best?

thanks guys!

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Post by westy »

just read that report on other site, yep that 25 was court on friday nite up toward the lighthouse and the 6,9,12 court on the saturday at the narrows, it looks like the boats have now started to hook into some nice fish to.

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Post by andy1_i »

i take it you are doing the island? ive only done the narrows,i suggest you take a walk to the left of the drop off point for about 10-15 mins,ive found this to be pretty snag free,youre casting range is fine,even closer can pay off,the tide can and does rip through there,so start on 6oz long spike uptide sinkers (namix design are good),some guys i know advocate the use of long pulley rigs upto 4-5 foot!!! or even up and over rigs.whole squid on a pennel is a good idea as a sleeper rod,then you can mess about with a scratching gear.

im no expert on orford,and you may get better advice than i can give.

best of luck fella.

looks like pete the ferrymans bookings are going to soar now

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Post by actionsanta »

I have caught cod before, from Orford Narrows! I used whole squid whipped onto a 2/0 pulley rig 2 ft long! 7 oz sinker. Tide really does rip through hard! So you may think you have snagged, when in fact, the tide has pushed loads of shingle onto your sinker! If this happens hold your rod parallel to the water, take your reel out of gear thumb the spool, and gently pull back. 9 Times out of 10 this will free you!

The bigger fish are always caught on a night tide or when the tide is about 7pm on a winters night!

Love it there... Good luck!

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