Lowestoft north beach,

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Lowestoft north beach,

Post by sim66 »

1st time fished here 3 of us went between us 12 sets of gear lost....lol X( X( but on the upside, the Yting and Pouts kept us really busy, plus couple of bonus flatties,

36 Yting ........6 Keepers rest returned
14 Pout .. all returned
1 plaice
2 flounders

Very nice night but i've never seen so many snags in my life when the tide went out lol :-O :-O :-O


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Post by 4CodsSake »

Nice session well done :)


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Post by andy1_i »

trouble with north beach is it is snaggy and they shift on the tides,local info helps but can only be found on the day.some people lose a set of gear each cast,top count i know of is 7 !!!

well done though.where on north beach roughly were you ie: tramps alley or links beach,as they are both north side and have their own uniqueness.

dont be discouraged,try again

all the best


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