Dazzaman's day out at chapel 25/2/09

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Dazzaman's day out at chapel 25/2/09

Post by GaryBadd »

Hello all

Daz has ask me to put his report on here due to no internet access at mo for him !!!

Bait used ................. lug and mackerel
End tackle .................... 2 hook flapper with size 2/0 hooks
and size 4/0 single hook flapper

Location.......... Chapel point

Weather conditions ..............overcast with sunny spells with a brisk westerly wind

low water 1.30 pm high water 6.30 pm

now this is dazzaman's report

I arrive at 1.30pm there was a few anglers on the beach , but i must of been the lucky one :> :> no-one else caught whilst i was there , my first bite came at 2.30pm with a 2lb 1oz codling on a single flapper with lug and with the buzz from the codling i thought every bite was a codling but whiting instead cant complain :) at 4.15 pm i had a cracking bite and brought in a nice 4lb 2oz codling on the same rig ( 4/0 single flapper ) and still had a few bites with the whiting playing ball but at 6.00pm my last codling decided to hit weighting in at 2lb.6oz so heres my catch for today

3xcodling 2lb1oz-4lb2oz-2lb6oz all on lug and size 4/0 single flapper
5xwhiting ---- 3 returned alive on 2 hook flapper - 2 on lug 1 on mackerel
the other 2 was keepers at 33cm and 35cm


in all a great day out
thanks for reading



Post by codfather911 »

weldone m8 great report and a decent catch 2 well done m8 :D
codfather B-)

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Post by jacko69 »

looks like a very good day dazzaman, well done gazza for posting his report m8

Dave :D

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Post by edwards73 »

well done mr MOD nice to know there starting to show again and well done to gazza for helping out with the report >:D<


Post by leadchukka14 »

Dazza hasnt lost the nack.

great report ,well done

mike :D

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Post by findus »

get the chips on nice report dazz see you sat

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Post by Ace-of-spads »


Where's Chapel point?

Great catch BTW. Hope I have as much luck on Saturday against the reds.

Tight lines


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Post by manic_muppet »

Well done Darren, nice catch, hope we do as well on saturday. looking forward to seeing everyone.

Ace, Chapel Point is a few miles from Mablethorpe, (South) not far from Chapel St Leonards. Just look inbetween, if your looking at Skegness your too far down. :D

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Post by chrisandboys »

Nice catch Darren, it's always good to see your reports.



Post by wijonty »

nice one gazza keep up the good work jonty =(( =(( nowt doing up here


Re: nice

Post by GaryBadd »

wijonty wrote:nice one gazza keep up the good work jonty =(( =(( nowt doing up here
I wish i did catch them jonty but the report i put on for dazzaman @ chapel point .


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Post by bassmanrob »

Great session Dazza, well done mate.

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Re: Dazzaman's day out at chapel 25/2/09

Post by seaotter »

well done m8 Good report =D>

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Post by rabbi2 »

Well done Das. Looks like those fishing lessons that I gave you finally paid off!! lol :D :D :D >:) >:) >:) >:) >:)

Cheers keith :D

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Post by manic_muppet »

Kieth, i only had to meet you once and that taught me a lesson =)) =)) =))

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