To braid or not to braid

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To braid or not to braid

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you may get more responses poting this in the Sea Fishing Lines forum ..
its over there on the left


hope this helps


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Braid is not recommended for a multipliers as the line tends to dig itself under the preceeding line thus causing it to come off in a jerky movement and causing a birds nest.

It is ok for a fixed spool as the line lay is different, or a boat multipler where casting is not involved
Cheers keith :D :D
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I used to use braid, but for me the complications with it cause me to change back to mono, this was many years ago when the spool strengths were poor. As you experienced the line can cut in deep on the spool, in addition line can overlap on the spool, this tends to happen if the line slackens at any time, casting into heavy wind tends to take more line from the spool than the weight speed can handle with the wind itself pulling line out. New spool design & strength does help with braid on mutiplier reels, many will tell you that mono is best on a multiplier & braid best on a fixed spool reel, although it depends on an individual at the end of the day. I personaly only use braid when boat fishing with a multiplier.
The length of shock should be in my experience be around 6 turns of the reel, remember if using different sized rods the amount of turns can vary with the set ups, example, 16'rod & a 12' rod using the same reel on different occasions will not have the same amount of turns.

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Post by shannock »

if the tackle dealer recomended braid on your multi for beachcasting i would keep away from that shop its def a no no

brilliant for fixed spool or boat you can fell the bottom ( sea bed lol) from 100ft in depth

dont let it put you off of using braid it can be very usefull on the right ocassion

good luck steve

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As the others have said ,It does bury itself into the spool .also a word of warning braid can cut your fingers to the bone quicker than a hot knife through butter.(I Know!!!!!) Bob

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