Help on hooking a hard back crab...

Please post all your Tips and tricks here.
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Help on hooking a hard back crab...

Post by waverider14 »

Hello can someone help me how is best to hook a hardback crab? pictures welcome... :D


Post by GaryBadd »

not much help for you jay but just a idea when i used to go crabbing over eling quay i use bacon lol :D and caught a few .

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Post by rabbi2 »

Use small hooks.

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Post by sniggle »

When after smuts i put point in under tail flap and out through nearest leg hole so it sits on hook bend,not very aerodynamic though.

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Post by Thom »

Lassoo it. Im being serious, tye a 'hair rig' as its called in coarse fishing with the lassoo not we use for fishing pellets. if you use a short 'hair' this method is unbelievable.

Wrasse i havent tried it for but other species such as mini shark species it works great on as they inhale the bait alot of the time.

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Post by Welchy »

Pull off one of its legs and hook it through the socket that usually keeps it quite lively to tempt the wrasse.

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Post by jjrj »

I use the section of mackerel where the front fin meets the body so theres a bit of cartilage
the hook will go through this easily but the crabs cant pull it apart but hang on for a bit so dont jerk the line about but bring it up quite quickly.
(make sure its low tide)

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Post by thebiga »

i used to use elastic band to hold the buggers on in the past but i don't know about now

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Post by AH »

A treble hook with a small elastic band tied to the eye. Stick two of the barbs into the front of the crab by it's eyes and then pull the elastic band over the crab and over the protruding third barb. It takes seconds to bait-up with perfect presentation. Not suitable for distance casting.

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