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Hook lengths should be made from a line that is supple without too much stretch, and in dark colours or clear. Maxima Chameleon, Bayer, Amnesia in black (and clear which is soon to be available), or Sylcast are the ones to look at, though there are many others.

For normal fishing for flounders, dabs, dogs, codling, coalies, bass etc, 20lb line is perfectly okay. For bigger cod, bass, rays, then go for 30-35lbs. Finer 12-15lb lines, even lighter to 6lbs, can add to the catch when scratching for smaller flatfish, pout and dabs, though this is more a competition necessity than pleasure fishing trick

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hook lengths

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May I add, when tying one's own rigs:

* The longer the hook snood, the heavier the breaking strain of line you will find comfortable. Fine lines have a tendency to tangle, OK if you're up for it but no fun for pleasure fishing.

* Flapper rigs - imagine what happens as it hits the water. As a consequence, tie them upside down - put the lead link in a hook, dangle it all downward, ensure the first snood will not entangle the second swivel (a two-inch gap is fine) and so on. Not sure I've explained this very well.

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