Blank at Torness last night :(

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Blank at Torness last night :(

Post by Esskie » Sun Jul 25, 2010 6:53 pm

Hi there,
Well yet another uneventful night at Torness targeting bass last night :-<

My fishing buddy Weegi & myself left mine after filling our bellies early evening with the intentions of fishing the tide in until slack water after 2am.

Weegi was using a new 10ft bass rod & new f/s reel he bought yesterday, we were fishing the incoming tide from daylight into darkness.....hopes were high.

Unfortunately, in true Torness fashion not even a tug was felt :( . I've had one small bass from there in my last 3 visits!?!?, what has happened to that place?.
There was a time when you could hit frantic periods of a fish almost every cast down there...catch & release of course!!

A couple of lads who'd travelled up from Northumberland early doors yesterday morning (Saturday) had only 1 small one all day taken on a single rag.
Typically, neither of us had any bait with us but had more jelly and rubber eels than you could shake a stick at! (never quite understood that one myself?) but they just weren't playing at all

We'd thought about perhaps trying Cockenzie or somewhere else, not specifically for bass but ended up there anyway.

Next weekend we are thinking of heading either further down past Dunbar around St.Abbs so we'll see how things go.

Best Regards, Andy

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Post by taod » Sat Feb 12, 2011 7:20 am

hi pal you prob now me but the chinks and pols are taking every fish they get so the prob is the chinks ive seen them take 5 inch fish last year i threw one in of the end of the pipe he had a full bag of under size fish im not saying i dont take fish but i keep mine to the 3to5 pound mark good luck

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