Torness power station

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Torness power station

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Hi can anyone tell me if the bass fishing at Torness power station is as good in the winter as it was when I was there in the summer. I live in Sheffield and want to know if i would be wasting my time.

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Hi Wheelturner,
The bass tend to more scarce in the winter and to be honest there are better places to catch them.
The Torness bass over the years have got smaller and smaller and nowadays it is hard to get a sized one especially at this time of year. Hopefully now the Scottish Parliament are getting involved there will be more rigorous policing of the people that fish and net the area giving the stocks a chance to replenish themselves. I'm sure you must have seen bags been filled with undersize fish X(
If you want to catch big Scottish bass get on the M6 and head to the SW of Scotland, particularly the Luce bay area. Rumour has it that they are around all year but June to Oct are the peak times.

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