Large Bass in numbers , Sussex coast !

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Large Bass in numbers , Sussex coast !

Post by busadon »

Hi all,

Haven't posted anything for a while but had to tell you about the great fishing a work friend of mine had last Friday and Saturday !
He was fishing an 'undisclosed' shore rock mark near Brighton.

Friday he got down at low tide and managed to find a lot of prime peelers amongst the rocks , then he set about fishing the tide in into darkness.
He had four Bass between 4.5lbs and 7.25lbs and said he lost at least three others similar weight! he lost a lot of gear down their but you have to expect it if you fish amongst the rocks like he did!
Because he had such a good night on Friday and still had plenty of peelers left he decided to go back on the Saturday night and had 'another three' the biggest being his personal best of 10.25lbs.

This is no wind up as I've seen the fish! must be one of the best two night bass catches from the Sussex coast for quite some while ! he even said he found some of his lost hook traces in the mouths of the Bass he landed so they must have been ravenous to go back for another go !

I've told him to send the photos in to 'Sea Angler' as he'll probably win something for his efforts so keep an eye on the mag' in the next few issues as they'll be bound to print them.

As I've said in the past, just goes to show if you keep the faith you'll eventually have a 'red letter' day, or two, even these days !

Busadon. :) :)

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Post by fisherking »

omg wat a report shame you didnt include yhe venue but as a fisherman i also respect it congrats to your mate and keep it up wish i lived closer and i would try and hunt it down well keep it tight
tight lines stuie foley

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Post by bones96 »

should of named the venue and given us all a chance

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Post by hammyloz »

i agree name the venue as i boat fish from newhaven and will fish further out than you can cast

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Post by steveseagull »

Caution!!!! This has happened before where a venue has been named and then Lo and Behold the very next day the nets are out and the mark is raped. We aren't the only people who read this site. X( X( X(

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Post by RobTheRadish »

I agree with "Steveseagull" congrats to your pal but he done the right thing keeping quiet about the location.

As fisherman its nice to sometimes look for new spots /places/venues for ourselves, its all part of the game!

If you find a decent new venue, just take a few nearest n dearest fishing there otherwise there will be nets a plenty next time you go back!! Rob.

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