Anywhere fishing good on a regular basis

anything south coast sea fishing related here

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Anywhere fishing good on a regular basis

Post by Alan1966 »

I have being fishing quite a lot recently day and night ,trying different venues nearly every time, with very limited success.I have tralled through several different online forums only to read" i`m not the only one".Is there anybody out there keeping any secrets from the rest of us of where the fish have gone. Just a note i`ve fished from Pagham to Southampton coast line,Hopefully i don`t need to go further a field to enjoy my favoirite pastime.

Cheer Alan

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Post by dannypanter »

Hi Alan
I would love to help mate but as you no from the comp my choioces arent that good lol but i think that night fishing is the way ahead by far or evening tides mate but i think every one is in the same boat

Tight lines



Post by dazzaman »

Hi mate,
Don`t think it really matters where you go,if the fish are feeding you`ll catch,if they`re not you won`t. :((
Every tide is different,I found that out over the weekend at chapel point,saturday evening was almost unfishable due to strong northerly yet I had 3,my dad 4. :D
Conditions the next morning looked perfect,yet only one bite each,2 dabs caught :(( :((
Maybe try to persevere with one venue,fish different states of the tide, different baits and vary the casting distance until you find what works.
We would all like to catch all of the time,unfortunately it doesn`t happen.
Still keep going though,If it`s a quiet session just enjoy the sea air and your surroundings >:D< >:D<
Good luck and tight lines for the near future,cheers Darren B-) B-)

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Post by rabbi2 »

Even in the doldrums is nice to get out of the house. Cheers keith

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Post by hammyloz »

wait another week or so when the may rot has cleared and you will be busy with the maccy

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Post by eccles »

We have some evening tides coming up mate, personally I always catch more at night have you tried it yet?

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Post by shannock »


>:) >:) >:) >:) >:) >:) >:)

theres so many soft crabs and peelers in the sea at the moment i think the fish are to busy offshore here making the most of it

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