Pagham and selsey report

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Pagham and selsey report

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Hi all after what seems a lifetime waiting for some decent weather for fishing I decided to fish pagham 4/10/12 so dug some blow lug and headed of to the beach fished in front of the sailing club at pagham baited two rods with loads of lug on a pennell rigs and blasted out both rods as far as possible and sat back poured a cup of coffe and waited afta about the sixth bait up was thinking of packing up and going home defeated but as the cloud covered the moon things started to happen the pout started to bite and they were a good stamp of fish averaging 1.5lbs then came a small eel and as I was unhooking the eel i noticed a small rattle on the other rod then tap tap slack so picked up rod and reeled struck felt some wait so went steady and landed my first codling of the season only small 2.5lbs it was a small but chunky fish unfortunately it was so deep hooked It woulnt go back so was taken for dinner and was beautiful.

Selsey east beech 12/10/12 fished a few groyens west of park lane armed with fresh blow lug squid and scallop frills set up two rods with pennels and fired them out resulting in both lines being dragged by the high tide and snagged both on the bouy in front of me so afta re tying both lots of shock leaders and having to make up two more pulley rigs baited one with lug and the other with scallop frills cast back out this time not as far as the tide was still running hard sat back rolled a fag and poured a cuppa had a bit of interest on the lug so picked up and struck felt a tap tap reeled in and had a small codling about 1.5lbs so unhooked and put back ok saw the other rods line was slack but was to late nothing but mangled scallops by this time the bootlace weed was getting silly so packed up and went home very happy two trips out and two small codling. Hopefully the bigger cod will start to show soon will b back down selsey thursday night maybe I can make a hatrick.
Cheers all stew

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Post by Phillb »

Hi pigeon,

Good to sea you managed to get a few cod. Im staying in east whittering at the weekend. I was wondering whether i could pick your brains about fishing this area.



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Well done on the fish fella ;)

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Well done on the codling at pagham :) Good report

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Good going m8 and good luck on the hatrick


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