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anything south coast sea fishing related here

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Post by rabbi2 »

Please watch your comments as a couple of replies have been quite near the mark.
Eccles has posted on this site for quite a number of years and the advice he has given in the past I have found to be good and constructive.
Perhaps there should be more of you should do the same instead of criticizing
the guy.
Advice given by any member can either be taken or dismissed by the reader the choice is theirs.
Remember that guy's like him give their time and try to pass on their knowledge to others free of charge.

Any more derogatory remarks and I will lock this post or delete it.

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Post by flattiefanatic »

Some posts can appear a bit trolling but a simple clean up rather than lock or delete will do ;)

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Post by mikee75 »

I completely agree rabbi!
Ive only been fishing again for a couple of years now, if im able to get out once a month then im lucky, so all my trips have to be planned well, and the advice i receieve from people like eccles, nthend, and others is greatley appreciated. It was under the advice of eccles that helped me bag my first bass last year, and my first smoothie, if i hadnt found this site then i would still be sat plugging away with many a blank. Its advice from you guys that helps anglers like me improve and catch more!... If its one persons opinion that he gets disheartened catching many a bass under 2lb in a session then that makes me sit up and listen because i would like to be in that position, and advice from someone who freely gives tips help and advice like that is priceless to someone like me, and also i appreciate the fact that he takes the time to tell us what condition the beach is in, what the weed is like, and how rough/calm it has been, again this helps me plan the rare times i can get out to the beach. Its guys like nthend who is taking the time to set up a comp for charity, and is open to all, and the banter as well as the advice from many others that makes this site what it is, lets not loose the comaraderie and friendliness that i and am sure many others have found here.
Again thanks to all for the help, will let you know how the trip goes
regards n tight lines

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Post by Iknowagoodplaice »

I'll add my support for eccles here. Sniping at someone's post intended to help is pointless and tiresome, even if you don't like the tone/content/size of fish. That kind of thing is routine elsewhere; good to avoid it here. Remember, posts can often seem abrupt compared to face to face conversation.

Also agree with flattie above.

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